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Chalco Aluminum Difference/ABOUT US

1. Quality Certification

In the course of the Company's operation, certified management systems are applied such as the quality management standard ISO 9001:2008 and the environmental management standard ISO 14001:2004, staff healthy and safety management standard OHSAS 18001:2007,
The Company issues certificates for the compliance of all aluminium products with the European Union standard.
For materials regarding food (foodstock, canstock) all the specifications that ensure the safety and hygiene of the products, which will finally come into contact with food, are strictly followed. The specifications are set in accordance with international standards and in co-operation with our customers, in order to satisfy the specific requirements of each end-receiver. Adherence to these safety regulations is ensured by inspections, carried out both by the in-house auditors, as well as by the customers themselves, at regular intervals.
At the same time, the production sections which handle food-related materials, have implemented the HACCP system using risk analysis, while crucial checkpoints have been set, for the prevention and elimination of risks that may affect the safety of those materials.
2. Continuous Improvement Process (CIP)

The CIP scheme is an integral element of the corporate philosophy within the Chalco Aluminum. The aim of CIP is to tap into the specific experiences and individual creativity of every single employee. All processes, particularly those which relate to product development, manufacturing and sales, are constantly assessed in the search for possible improvements in terms of quality, costs and time as well as the avoidance of waste. Of course, the human element is also assigned a high priority since improvements in relation to safety in the workplace and working conditions overall are also important aspects of the CIP process.

The CIP organization within the Chalco Aluminum is based on efficient teams. These are supported by functionaries and bodies such as the CIP Moderator, CIP Coordinator and CIP Steering Committee. Continually advising all employees about the work, experiences and results associated with CIP activities is a key requirement for the sustained success of the process. This is achieved by means of various communication channels and instruments such as notice boards, Intranet, regular newsletters and CIP events based on a standardised reporting format which facilitates concise and easy-to understand information about the CIP activities of the individual teams. All suggested improvements are collected and processed in a central database that can be accessed by all staff. Administrators ensure that the suggestions are evaluated systematically, process the suggestions, and handle the payment of bonuses.
CIP is:
Company culture
Problem solving technique
Idea management
6 S (to bring workplaces in a safe, clean, uncluttered and ergonomic state)
3. Center of Excellence
Chalco Aluminum’s engineers, designers and metallurgists, along with our sales personnel, work collaboratively with customers to develop innovative products and alloys for a myriad of applications. Our engineering experts in our “Center of Excellence” located at Luoyang facility use process development equipment for casting, extrusion, forging and rolling to address the most taxing design and manufacturing challenges.

All these processes are supported by analytical tools such as scanning electron microscopy and advanced CAD/CAM systems. Alloy development is another research area where Chalco Aluminum is expanding the possibilities, whether the objective is in making more corrosion resistant products or increasing weldability and strength.
4. In case of claim

In case of any discrepancies with regards to quantity and quality, the Buyer has to lodge the complaint within 30 days after the date of receiving goods at discharging port. In the event of the complaint found genuine, the buyer have to present enough photos and videos as seller's request, the Seller shall settle this claim within the next 30 days by remitting the agreed compensation amount. If the packing have problem because of rude loading and unloading, please claim to insurance company directly.



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