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Production & packaging/TECHNOLOGY

1. Making aluminum billets.
Melting aluminum ingot, and put different metallic elements, and make different types of billets, Chalco aluminum mainly produce 2011、2014、2017、2024、5052、5083、5086、5454、5754、6061、6063、6082、7003、7022、7050、7055、7075 aluminum billets in different diameters.

Melting aluminum ingot



2.  Billet preheating
Sawing the long aluminum billets into short length, and put into heating furnace, to make it soft so as to make sure easy extrusion.



3. Direct Extrusion operation
Once the shape of the final product has been identified, the proper alloy selected, and the die prepared, to make ready for the actual extrusion process, the billet and extrusion tools are preheated. During extrusion, the billet is still solid, but has been softened in a heating furnace. 
As pressure is first applied, the billet is crushed against the die, becoming shorter and wider until its expansion is restricted by full contact with the container walls. Then the soft aluminum has no place else to go and begins to squeeze out through the shaped orifice of the die to emerge on the other side as a fully formed profile.

4. Stretching
 A stretcher an or straightener may be employed, after the profile has been quenched to straighten the extrusion and correct any twisting that may have occurred subsequent to extrusion.
5. Cut to length
Typically, a finish cut saw is used to cut the profile to the specified commercial length. Circular saws are the most common in use today and are generally similar to a radial arm saw that cuts across the profile at a perpendicular angle to the length of the extrusion.

6. Aging
Some extrusion alloys reach their optimal strength through the aging process, some times known as age-hardening. Natural aging occurs at toom temperature. Artificial aging takes place through controlled heating in an aging oven, and is sometimes referred to as precipitation heat-treating.


7. Packaging
After sufficient aging, whether in an aging oven or at room temperature, the profile are moved to other areas of the plant for finishing or fabricating, or to be packed and prepared for shipment to the customer.


Wooden pallet1

wooden pallet 2



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